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Tag: AI

YC's Fresh Call: AI, Spatial Computing, Climate

YC Managing Director Dalton Caldwell, the renowned startup incubator unveils its freshest "Request for Startups"

Otter Introduces GenAI: AI Summaries, Chat, and More

New addition to Otter's suite of AI-powered tools, introduces chatbot ready to answer your questions about past meetings

PT Ventures: Azure Cosmos DB for AI Chats

Principled Technologies testing & research for the potential of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and other Azure ecosystem apps

On AI ergonomics and workplace safety: Interviewing TuMeke co-founder Zach Noland

Guided by a vision of tech innovation, TuMeke anticipates profound impacts, notably in the realm of workplace safety

Promo Direct Express, Shopping with AI Upgrade

Promo Direct has unleashed an exciting update to its groundbreaking Promo Direct Express service

Dexa Revolutionizes Podcasts with AI Search

Dexa is on a mission to alleviate this search struggle by harnessing the power of AI

Now in Graphic Design: Recraft Secures $12M to Redefine the Industry

Recraft stands in generative AI design, empowering users to craft and tweak vector art, icons, 3D images and more

CMC Networks finer Customer Experiences with Network Operations Centre Upgrade

Game-changing upgrade isn't just a mere improvement, it's a full-blown transformation powered by Artificial Intelligence

SentinelOne is Acquiring PingSafe to Fortify Cloud Security

SentinelOne is now acquiring the Indian cybersecurity startup, PingSafe, pulling off strings in cash and stock dance

Google's Gemini: A Deep Dive into the New Generative AI Platform

Google is making a splash in the AI seas with Gemini, their latest star on the tech stage
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