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Tag: AI

Presight Acquires Majority Stake in AIQ Venture

Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence firm Presight has acquired a 51% stake in AIQ, a joint technology venture

Danti's Earth Data Search Engine Soars with $5M Funding

Danti, an AI company on a mission to revolutionize Earth data analysis, has teamed up with tech investor Shield Capital

Synthesia AI Unveils Avatars with Emotions

Synthesia, an artificial intelligence firm backed by Nvidia, has launched a new generation of AI digital avatars

Netpresenter Revolutionizes Workplace Learning with AI-Driven Smart Campaigns

Smart Campaigns integrate learning seamlessly into daily operations for continuous education

Mozilla Study Says: Most Dating Apps Fail at Data Privacy

Recent study by Mozilla revealed that dating apps are ramping up their data collection efforts, sacrificing user privacy

Stability AI Cuts 10% Staff Post CEO Exit: Full Memo Inside

CEO Emad Mostaque, embattled artificial intelligence startup Stability is making significant workforce adjustments

Cisco Unveils AI Security Post-Splunk Acquisition

Cisco Systems has unleashed HyperShield, a groundbreaking security architecture designed to fortify data centers

Microsoft Injects $1.5B into G42 Amid U.S. Scrutiny

Microsoft is set to inject a staggering $1.5 billion into G42 to solidifying its position in the dynamic AI landscape

Web3 Tech Transforms Beauty and Fashion Engagement

Innovative brands are embracing Web3 tech to revolutionize consumer engagement, with the advent of blockchain and AI

Humane Unveils $699 Ai Pin, the Latest Innovation

Humane, a Bay Area-based tech startup with the release of its maiden product, the Ai Pin with $230 million in funding
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