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Tag: AI

Sapien AI Raises $5M for Blockchain Data Labeling

Artificial intelligence firm, Sapien AI, has secured a $5 million investment in a seed funding round

eBay AI-Powered 'Shop the Look' app on iOS

eBay unveiled an addition for fashion aficionados: a "shop the look" feature on its iOS app

Intel's AI Innovation: Gaudi 3, Nvidia Rivalry

Intel has revealed its latest artificial intelligence: the Gaudi 3 chip, one-and-a-half times faster than Nvidia’s

Oracle's Ellison Foresees Global Shift to Sovereign AI Clouds

Larry Ellison unveiled a bold vision, redirecting focus towards an unexpected yet pivotal customer: government entities

Hootsuite Revolutionizes Social Media with Talkwalker Acquisition

Global frontrunner in social media management, eagerly unveils its impending acquisition of Talkwalker

Intel Shares Plummet: Investor Concerns After Financial Disclosure

Intel's stock dropping 4% during extended trading on Tuesday, following the unveiling of much-anticipated financials

Bavest Secures €1.1M to Revolutionize Financial Infrastructure

German fintech trailblazer Bavest has successfully wrapped up a €1.1 million funding round, to expand its customer base

US & UK Join Forces for AI Safety

United States and Britain have unveiled a new collaboration aimed at ensuring the safety of artificial intelligence

Luminance Raises $40M to Advance Legal AI

Luminance has secured a staggering $40 million in its Series B round to fulfill the potential for Legal Language Models

Soundry AI: Transforming Music Creation with AI

Hailing from Seattle and now soaring with the latest cohort at the esteemed startup accelerator Y Combinator
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