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Tag: AI

ThousandEyes Unveils AI to Fix Outages

Cisco's ThousandEyes unveiled AI-powered capabilities designed to predict and diagnose internet outages and disruptions

Nvidia Rules AI Chip Market Amid Rising Competition

Nvidia's market cap soared to $2.7 trillion in May, propelled by a staggering 27% rally, just behind Microsoft & Apple

Switzerland's EthonAI Secures $16.5M in AI Manufacturing Boom

The Swiss startup made waves on Thursday by announcing a significant milestone: securing CHF 15 million in funding

Valar Labs Unveils AI Cancer Care Predictor

With a recent $22M funding injection, the company aims to extend a broader spectrum of cancers and therapies

China's $47.5B Chip Fund Targets AI Amid U.S. Export Curbs

A professor at NYU School, suggests that new fund, dubbed "Fund 3," is poised to revolutionize semiconductor landscape

Wiremind AI Predicts 15% Revenue Growth

Wiremind is revolutionizing the transport sector with technology solutions that boost efficiency and revenue management Creator-Centric AI Blockchain Project has its groundbreaking white paper, a visionary project with AI and Blockchain for the anime industry

Remark Transforms Thousands of Experts into AI

Enter Remark, is revolutionizing the shopping experience, instilling confidence in buyers along the way

Orca AI Raises $23M for Autonomous Shipping

Orca AI proudly declares itself with a recent infusion of $23 million in funding, spearheaded by OCV & MizMaa Ventures

Alibaba Boosts Cloud Growth with AI Expansion

Alibaba's bold expansion in global cloud computing, coupling the announcement towards leveraging AI products
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