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Tag: AI

US & UK Join Forces for AI Safety

United States and Britain have unveiled a new collaboration aimed at ensuring the safety of artificial intelligence

Luminance Raises $40M to Advance Legal AI

Luminance has secured a staggering $40 million in its Series B round to fulfill the potential for Legal Language Models

Soundry AI: Transforming Music Creation with AI

Hailing from Seattle and now soaring with the latest cohort at the esteemed startup accelerator Y Combinator

Ayora Lands $1.6M Pre-Seed for AI Revenue Platform

Ayora, a revenue management platform, unveiled its success in securing $1.6 million in a Pre-Seed round

Robovision Secures $42M to Revolutionize Industries

Robovision, the AI-powered computer vision pioneer, has secured a hefty $42 million in its recent funding round

AI Giants Discuss Mega-Merger: SingularityNET,, Ocean

Three industry pioneers delve into talks of merging their crypto tokens, aiming to forge a decentralized AI powerhouse

Buddywise Raises €3.5M to Transform Workplace Safety

Buddywise unveils a €3.5M seed round aimed at spearheading the fight against workplace accidents

Anthropic Snubs Saudi Investment Amid AI Boom

Pioneering startup, has taken a bold stance by rejecting investments from Saudi Arabia in the sale of 8%

AI innovation unleashed: crafting complex integrations through simple chats

In an era where integration of AI into organizational processes is no longer a futuristic concept but a present reality

Stanhope AI Secures £2.3M for Neuroscience-Driven Innovation

AI innovation as neuroscience-driven startup Stanhope secures a significant £2.3 million in funding
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