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Tag: AI

Novo Nordisk Funds AI Supercomputer for Medical Innovation

Novo Nordisk, renowned for Ozempic and Wegovy, spearheads funding for a cutting-edge supercomputer

Nvidia Stock Soars: New Chips Shipping

Nvidia's annual developer conference in San Jose, California, the tech giant's stock staged a remarkable comeback

Microsoft's AI-Powered Consumer Surfaces Precede Build 2024

Microsoft sets the stage for an electrifying AI event on the morning of Monday, May 20th

EU Establishes Global AI Standards: Landmark Act

The European Union once more leads the world in groundbreaking legislation with the unanimous adoption of the AI Act

mmERCH Secures $6.4M to Transform Web3 Fashion

The blockchain-driven Web3 fashion trailblazer, mmERCH, has revealed its groundbreaking $6.4 million seed funding round

Tomorrow Things Secures €1.5M for AI Machine Operations

AI startup, just locked in €1.5 million in funding to advance its development of an AI-driven Operating System

Axion Ray Secures $17.5M to Revolutionize Quality Control

McKinsey's findings reveal staggering costs, reaching up to $600 million, for medical device manufacturers

Tierra Biosciences Revolutionizes Protein Development with AI

A race against time, Tierra Biosciences is propelling pharmaceutical innovation to new heights

How AI is changing performance marketing

How can agencies make the most of the new technology and thrive in this AI-dominated era?

Gamer Arena Boosted by DOMiNO Ventures for AI

Gamer Arena, Türkiye's gaming hub, scored a major win with an investment from DOMiNO Ventures
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