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Tag: Bitcoin

Dive into the world of decentralized finance with us and stay informed with the latest and most relevant Bitcoin content.

Bitcoin Skyrockets: Expert Analysis on ETF Approval & Halving Hype

Bitcoin soared to an impressive $49,500, smashing records not seen since December 2021

Bitcoin ETF Inflows Boost Price Surge

Bitcoin (BTC) wraps up the week at around $48,300, marking a notable 13.4% surge from last week

Grayscale CEO Urges Bitcoin Spot ETF Options

Grayscale's CEO, Michael Sonnhenshein, is rallying for the green light on public options for Bitcoin spot ETFs

Bitcoin and Ethereum Rally Amid Regulatory Uncertainty and Leadership Concerns

Bitcoin and Ethereum are blazing a fresh trail, hinting at the possibility of an exhilarating rally

Riding the Wave: xETH, TWEET, and KABO Surge Amid Broader Market Downturn

Stealing the limelight on DEXTools, bravely rising against the tide of a challenging market

Unveiling Bitcoin's Evolution: The Rise of BRC-20 Tokens in 2023

Crypto market's spectacular 2023 rebound, where a jaw-dropping 109% year-over-year surge left observers in awe

Coinbase to Safeguard WisdomTree's Bitcoin ETF A Game-Changer in Crypto Custody

Exciting Update: Coinbase (COIN) takes center stage as the designated custodian for WisdomTree's spot Bitcoin ETF

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Discount Narrows Amidst ETF Hype and Institutional Surge

Numbers from YCharts tell the story: GBTC's discount relative to its net asset value is now dancing at 10.35%

FTX's Legal Battle: Pursuit of $157M from Former Salameda Employees

FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange grappling with bankruptcy, has thrown down the gauntlet

Balancing Act - SEC Urged to Greenlight Bitcoin ETFs in Quest for Crypto Regulation

Bloomberg, SEC's Chance to Shape Crypto Future with Bitcoin ETF, The Call for Cohesion
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