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Today's Crypto Market Surge: What's Driving Prices?

Today's Crypto Market Surge: What's Driving Prices?

Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF Sees First Inflows in 78 Days

After a streak of outflows, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust exchange-traded fund finally saw a day of net positive inflows

Bitcoin Back Above $60,000: Bullish Week Ahead?

Bitcoin is on the rise, currently trading around $63,200, hitting recent highs of $64,446, marking a 7% increase

Bitcoin Price Forecast Amidst 6.4% Crypto Market Slump

Bitcoin's recent price drop, with BTC hovering around $57,280 and hitting an intraday low of $56,750

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Falls to $62,247

Despite market expectations, Bitcoin (BTC) faces a downtrend, dropping to $62,247, with an intra-day low of $62,007

Why is Crypto Taking a Dip Today? Market Overview

The global cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $2.43 trillion today experiencing a 3.2% decrease in over 24hs

Bitcoin Spikes 1.4%: Bullish Week Ahead?

Bitcoin's weekend surge of 1.4% in value with investor interest, fueling discussions about its price trajectory

The Biggest Crypto Poker Event Now

CoinPoker’s highly anticipated CSOP (Crypto Series of Poker) main event is just over 12 hours away

Today in Crypto: Daily News Digest

Why is crypto down? The global cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $2.49 trillion, marking a 4.1% drop

Hong Kong to Launch Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs

Hong Kong is set to launch its highly anticipated spot Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded funds by the end of April
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