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Tag: Carbon

Oriole Nets £10M Seed to Slash AI's Carbon Footprint

Oriole Networks, a spinout from UCL, aims to revolutionize energy consumption in AI data centers

Mission Zero Lands £21.8M to Revolutionize Air Capture

Cleantech innovator Mission Zero Technologies revealed a significant milestone: securing £21.8 million

Sunfire Secures €500M+ to Fuel Green Hydrogen Growth

Sunfire, a leading German electrolyser manufacturer, unveiled a significant financial milestone, securing €215 million

Carbominer: EIC Accelerator Grant Fuels Carbon Capture Revolution

Kyiv-based climate technology startup Carbominer just struck gold by landing a grant deal with the EIC Accelerator Fund

Berlin's BlueLayer Secures $5.6M to Revolutionize Carbon Markets

Enter Berlin's own BlueLayer, rafting a cutting-edge operating system tailor-made for carbon project developers

CEEZER Raises €10.3M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Carbon Credit Market

CEEZER, hailing from the vibrant tech hub of Berlin, has achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of carbon credits

Carbon13 Ignites Global Climate Innovation with €30 Million Fund

Carbon13, the dynamic venture builder, has just dropped a game-changing bombshell, €30 million fund

NeoCarbon Secures €3.2M to Drive Carbon Capture Revolution

Amid this climate-conscious surge NeoCarbon has emerged as a beacon of hope, securing vital funding to power its mission Raises €3.5 Million to Accelerate Carbon Removal Efforts

Copenhagen's, has just fortified its financial arsenal with a €3.5M injection in a recent seed funding round
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