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Tag: China

Apple Shift from China, Doubles India iPhone Production

Apple manufacture more devices outside of China, generated a staggering $14 billion in iPhone production within India

China's EV Innovation Defies Subsidy Claims: Minister

Wang Wentao declared: the surge of EV companies wasn't a product of subsidies but a testament to relentless innovation

BYD Unveils Electric Pickup: Tesla, Ford Beware

BYD, the renowned Chinese automotive, is set to debut its inaugural electric pickup truck this year

GGV Capital Rebrands: Meet Granite Asia & Notable Capital

GGV Capital, a pivotal link between the U.S. and China, its veteran VCs have unveiled two fresh brands

BYD's Electric Evolution: Surpassing Tesla as EV Leader

While Tesla commands the electric vehicle scene in the U.S., its reign faces formidable challengers overseas

Didi's Fourth-Quarter Profit Surges Amid Regulatory Challenges

Didi Global, China's top ride-hailing firm, celebrated a triumphant fourth-quarter with a return to profitability

Nvidia Unveils China-Compliant Gaming Chip: The RTX 4090 D

Nvidia, unleashed a edition of its high-tech gaming chip, crafted to align with stringent U.S. export controls at China

China's Crypto Crackdown: Authorities Strengthen Grip on Yuan-Crypto Conversions

Financial risks, and China is making it clear that it's time to wield the sword of regulatory oversight

Xiaomi Drives into the Future: Unveils HyperOS-Equipped Electric Sedan SU7

Xiaomi, renowned for redefining smartphones, is stepping into a new arena with a jaw-dropping revelation – the SU7

China a Leap in Digital Innovation Automated Digital Yuan Wallet-Opening Machine

China has unveiled a groundbreaking development – its inaugural automated digital yuan wallet-opening machine
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