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Tag: chip

Vaire Computing Raises $4.5M for Energy-Saving Chips

Vaire Computing raised $4.5 million to pioneer a revolutionary approach in chip technology known as reversible computing

Thunderbird RISC-V CPU: A Game-Changer with 1,536 Cores, Poised to Disrupt the HPC Market

InspireSemi’s innovative “supercomputer-on-a-chip” aims to provide computing with affordability and efficiency

Nvidia’s Explosive Growth Sparks Investor Dilemma

Tech Giant’s shares triple in a year, prompting questions of cashing in or holding on

Nvidia Becomes World's Most Valuable Company Amid AI Boom

Nvidia rises to the top as the world's most valuable company, driven by the AI boom and groundbreaking GPU technology

Revolutionizing AI: How Light-Based Chips Could Transform Energy Consumption

Innovative light-based chips promise to curb AI's soaring energy demands, addressing urgent power consumption concerns

German Chip Startup Raises $274M for Next-Gen Tech

Black Semiconductor, a trailblazing startup in next-gen chip technology, has secured €254.4 million (US$274 million)

Intel Aims to Lead in AI Chips

Intel is reclaiming its title as the world’s leading chipmaker, a position it lost to TSMC and Samsung in recent years

AMD Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Chips Amid Competition

AMD, the announcement of its latest AI chips, solidifying its stance in the competitive arena alongside Nvidia and Intel

Nvidia Rules AI Chip Market Amid Rising Competition

Nvidia's market cap soared to $2.7 trillion in May, propelled by a staggering 27% rally, just behind Microsoft & Apple

China's $47.5B Chip Fund Targets AI Amid U.S. Export Curbs

A professor at NYU School, suggests that new fund, dubbed "Fund 3," is poised to revolutionize semiconductor landscape
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