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Tag: CMC Networks

CMC Cloud: Transforming Africa's Digital Landscape

CMC Networks introduces CMC Cloud, an innovative Infrastructure as a Service, to enhance user experiences for businesses

CMC Networks Launches Air Connect: Wireless Revolution

Experience seamless, rapid, and dependable connectivity empowering businesses throughout South Africa to thrive

CMC Networks Ensures Business Continuity Amid Cable Damage

Connectivity barriers in the farthest reaches, CMC Networks introduces a dynamic trio of orbital constellations

CMC Networks: Empowering South Africa, Level 1 Achievement

Tier-1 global service provider, proudly secures the coveted Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Level 1

CMC & Cerba: Transforming Healthcare in Africa

CMC Networks, a global Tier 1 service provider, has joined forces with Cerba Lancet Africa

CMC Networks finer Customer Experiences with Network Operations Centre Upgrade

Game-changing upgrade isn't just a mere improvement, it's a full-blown transformation powered by Artificial Intelligence

CMC Networks and aconnic Unite for Next-Gen Network Services

CMC Networks, a global Tier 1 service provider, has joined forces with the German network solution provider, aconnic

CMC Networks and SafetySA Join Forces for Network Performance & Safety Service

This partnership marks the transition from the legacy MPLS framework to the agile and efficient SD-WAN

CMC Networks Partners with Bowmans, A Legal Leap Towards Flexible Connectivity

An upgrade by the African law firm links its various office branches, changing their connectivity for peak efficiency

CMC Networks & Webber Wentzel Network Infrastructure and Security to South Africa

CMC Networks is the Big Five law firm with fortress of network security, scalability, availability, and absolute control
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