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Tag: Deals

Squarespace Goes Private in $7 Billion Deal

Squarespace revealing its decision to go private in a $6.9 billion all-cash deal with private-equity firm Permira

Informatica Denies Sale Amid $10 Billion Salesforce Interest

Informatica, stated it's not currently in talks for acquisition, following reports of Salesforce's interest in $10B deal

Ezditek Teams Up with Ilex for Saudi Data Growth

Ezditek, a trailblazer in KSA's data center, has picked Ilex Content Strategies to propel its ascent as a premier brand

Microsoft Injects $1.5B into G42 Amid U.S. Scrutiny

Microsoft is set to inject a staggering $1.5 billion into G42 to solidifying its position in the dynamic AI landscape

Easop Joins Remote to Boost HR SaaS

Remote has acquired Compensation SaaS Easop, expanding its HRtech offerings to include comprehensive equity

Mahana Acquires Berlin's Cara Care for Digital Treatment Expansion

San Francisco's Mahana Therapeutics revealed its acquisition of Berlin's HiDoc Technologies, known as Cara Care

Enhanced Connectivity Across America: Arelion & Telxius Lead the Way

Arelion and Telxius join forces to amplify connectivity across North and Latin America

Qonto Acquiring Regate: Fintech Merger Unveiled

The fintech powerhouse Qonto revealed its ambitious move to acquire the renowned French fintech player, Regate

Nikon Acquires RED: Cinematic Brilliance Unveiled

Nikon unveiled the renowned camera manufacturer, transforming it into a subsidiary of the Nikon Corporation

Camshaft Confirms Byju’s Ownership of $533M

Camshaft made a significant disclosure: the $533 million it managed for Byju’s Alpha, a U.S. entity of the Indian edtech
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