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Tag: DeFi

Philippines Central Bank Greenlights National Stablecoin Trials

The Philippines' central bank, has approved controlled trials for a national stablecoin, pegged 1:1 to the local peso

PayPal USD Circulation Plummets 39% in March: Paxos

Paxos report revealed that PYUSD circulation plummeted to $188.5 million, showing a 39% drop from the preceding month

Investor Interest Surges: Record $646M Inflows Propel Digital Asset Investments

Appetite for digital asset investment products continues to surge, with recent inflows painting a picture of interest

Q1 2024: Web3 Loses $336M to Hackers

A staggering $336M has been siphoned off by Web3 cybercriminals and fraudsters, a glimmer of hope as it signify 23%

Unraveling the Crypto Surge: Key Momentum Drivers

After a momentary dip, the crypto market rebounds triumphantly, painting a picture of resilience and opportunity

Institutional Inflows Fuel Crypto Surge, Binance Records High

The crypto market shows a marginal 0.2% increase in capitalization, reaching a substantial $2.82 trillion

Crypto's Top Gems: Today's Prime Investments

Bitcoin storms past $72,000 & Ether dances above $4,000, crypto enthusiasts are on the hunt for the ultimate crypto gem

Bitcoin Hits $69,400: What's Next for Investors?

Captivating the attention of keen market observers, the anticipation for a Bitcoin price forecast intensifies

Trump Sparks 'PoliFi' Experiment with MAGA Coins

MAGA coin, a cryptocurrency inspired by Donald Trump, has risen as prominent player in the digital currency arena

Immunefi Exposes Web3's $200M Hacking Spree

The Web3 realm faced a staggering blow, with hacks ravaging the digital landscape, tallying over $200 million in losses
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