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Tag: Electric vehicles

Tesla Cuts Price in Premium Driver Assistance to Half

Tesla shakes up the automotive world by slashing the subscription price of its top-tier driver assistance system

Voltpost: Lamppost EV Charging Comes to You

Now in electric vehicles, Voltpost has been diligently crafting a game-changing product, a lamppost charger

China's EV Innovation Defies Subsidy Claims: Minister

Wang Wentao declared: the surge of EV companies wasn't a product of subsidies but a testament to relentless innovation

Tesla Announces Robotaxi Unveil on August 8

Tesla sets Aug 8 for robotaxi unveil as it shifts focus to autonomy amid EV sales challenges

BYD Unveils Electric Pickup: Tesla, Ford Beware

BYD, the renowned Chinese automotive, is set to debut its inaugural electric pickup truck this year

Tesla Calls on Apple for Support in Autopilot Lawsuit

Tesla turns to Apple in a lawsuit over a fatal crash involving its Autopilot feature

Tesla Faces 8.5% Drop in Deliveries During Tough Q1

Tesla's early 2024 deliveries fall 8.5%, missing analyst forecasts and impacting stock prices.

Revolutionizing Electric Tractor Charging: Rocsys, Autocar Partnership

Rocsys teams up with Autocar to revolutionize the efficiency of its electric tractor fleet

BYD's Electric Evolution: Surpassing Tesla as EV Leader

While Tesla commands the electric vehicle scene in the U.S., its reign faces formidable challengers overseas

Pelikan Mobility Secures €4M for Fleet Electrification

Pelikan Mobility, a commercial fleet platform, made waves by announcing a successful €4 million seed round
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