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Tag: Electric vehicles

Lucid Motors Breaks EV Delivery Record, Eyes Growth

Lucid Motors has reached a significant milestone by delivering 2,394 vehicles in the second quarter of 2024

Tesla Model Y Approved for Chinese Government Procurement

Tesla’s Model Y has been greenlit for official use by Chinese government officials, made by authorities in Jiangsu

EU Slaps Tariffs on Chinese EVs

New tariffs on electric vehicles like Chinese EV giants like BYD and even impacts Tesla’s Shanghai-made cars

Fisker Seeks Court Approval to Sell EVs at $14K Each

Fisker seeking court approval to sell 3,321 units of its Ocean SUVs to a New York-based vehicle leasing firm for $46.25M

BYD Poised to Surpass Tesla in EV Production

China's BYD is gearing up to dethrone Tesla as the top producer of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) worldwide

Volkswagen's $5 Billion Investment Boosts Rivian in EV Race

Explore Volkswagen's $5 billion investment in Rivian, amplifying competition in the electric vehicle market

Plugable Launches Community EV Charger Sharing Pilot in Northwest UK

Plugable launches EV charger sharing pilot in Northwest UK, expanding access to affordable, local charging

Booming Market Spurs Africa EV Investments

Africa's electric two and three-wheeler market with opportunities for venture capitalists and financial institutions

Swiss Startup Neural Concept Raises $27M

The promise of efficiency and accelerated innovation, Neural Concept is poised to transform industries across the board

Fisker EV Collapse: Founders' Missteps Exposed

Henrik Fisker’s ambitious electric vehicle startup once promised a future filled with groundbreaking innovations
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