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Tag: Elon Musk

Tesla Shares Drop on Layoff Reports

Tesla's shares experienced a decline of over 1% during Monday's premarket trading session, reports hinting layoffs today

Tesla Cuts Price in Premium Driver Assistance to Half

Tesla shakes up the automotive world by slashing the subscription price of its top-tier driver assistance system

Tesla Investments: Reuters, Musk Set to Meet Modi

Tesla's leader Elon Musk, gears up for a much-anticipated visit to India this month to visit Prime Minister Modi

Grok Chatbot from X, Now Accessible to Premium Users

Social platform X is extending access to xAI’s Grok chatbot, following Elon Musk's recent announcement

Tesla Announces Robotaxi Unveil on August 8

Tesla sets Aug 8 for robotaxi unveil as it shifts focus to autonomy amid EV sales challenges

Elon Musk's X Hires New Safety Chiefs

Elon Musk's X brings in Kylie McRoberts and Yale Cohen to make the platform safer and friendlier

Tesla Faces 8.5% Drop in Deliveries During Tough Q1

Tesla's early 2024 deliveries fall 8.5%, missing analyst forecasts and impacting stock prices.

xAI Launches Grok-1.5 with Improved Reasoning Capabilities

xAI's Grok-1.5 enhances AI problem-solving with advanced reasoning and longer context handling

Elon Musk's Firms Embrace Nvidia Amid Tesla's Supercomputer Drive

Last November, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made it clear: no ads on X and no plans for them

Neuralink's Breakthrough Brain Implant: Unleashing Potential

On Wednesday—a patient effortlessly maneuvering a mouse and engaging in a chess match
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