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Tag: Europe

Apple Opens Mobile Payments to EU Rivals

Apple has struck a groundbreaking deal with EU regulators, ending a lengthy antitrust investigation

EU Slaps Tariffs on Chinese EVs

New tariffs on electric vehicles like Chinese EV giants like BYD and even impacts Tesla’s Shanghai-made cars

EU: Meta’s ‘Pay or Consent’ Model Fails

Meta’s “pay or consent” policy for Facebook and Instagram users in Europe violates the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

UN Urges Tech Giants to Shoulder Responsibility for Information Integrity

The UN Secretary-General calls on tech firms to take responsibility for information integrity amid global principles launch

World Bank Announces $700 Million Financing to Boost Egypt’s Economic Resilience

Explore how the World Bank’s $700 million funding aims to propel Egypt’s economic recovery and sustainability efforts

French Tech Faces Uncertainty Ahead of Snap Election

Concerns arise as French tech leaders brace for potential setbacks ahead of the snap election, impacting innovation and competitiveness

Europe Urged to Accelerate in the Green Tech Race, Says Spain's Climate Minister

Spain's Climate Minister urges Europe to ramp up green tech efforts, emphasizing global competitiveness and climate leadership.

Tesla to Hike Model 3 Prices in Europe

Tesla is up to increase the cost of its Model 3 cars in Europe starting July 1, EU plans to implement higher tariffs

EU Approves Landmark AI Regulation

European Union member states have united to approve the world's inaugural major legislation governing AI

EU Launches Child Safety Probe into Meta

Meta is facing a significant investigation from the European Union, particularly concerning child safety risks
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