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Tag: FTX

FTX Reorganization: Most Customers to Get Full Refund

FTX's reorganization plan, published late Tuesday, estimates that the exchange owes creditors around $11.2 billion

Crypto CEO Rivalry: 25 Years vs. 4 Months

The rivalry between two crypto titans Zhao and Bankman-Fried, who were key figures in the $2.2 trillion crypto sector

FTX Targets 2024 Repayments Amid Bankruptcy

Amidst the FTX bankruptcy proceedings, a significant pledge has emerged: to kickstart customer repayments

Multicoin Capital: 9,000% Crypto Return Surge

A hedge fund entrenched in the world of cryptocurrency has left investors awe-inspired with its extraordinary returns

Sam Bankman-Fried Faces 40-50 Years in Prison for FTX Fraud Case

FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried may get 40-50 years for fraud, marking a major fall from crypto fame

Alert: Phishing Targets BlockFi, FTX Creditors

Cryptocurrency scammers have set their sights on creditors of insolvent digital asset giants FTX and BlockFi

Anthropic Snubs Saudi Investment Amid AI Boom

Pioneering startup, has taken a bold stance by rejecting investments from Saudi Arabia in the sale of 8%

FTX Users Seek Cryptocurrency Amid Bankman-Fried Case

FTX users for the return of their cryptocurrency assets instead of opting for reimbursement in US dollars

DCG Fights $3B Fraud Lawsuit Amid Claims

Digital Currency Group, the powerhouse behind the now-closed cryptocurrency lending platform Genesis Global Capital

Crypto Titans' Legal Clashes Shake Industry

Steven Nerayoff voiced apprehensions over the potential fallout from the legal hurdles
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