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Tag: Google

Google Cloud Next Showcases Generative AI Focus

Google unveiled a barrage of AI upgrades aimed at empowering users to harness the potential of the Gemini LLM

Google AI Photo Tools Expand to all Google Photos users

From May 15, Google Photos offers AI editing for all: Magic Editor, Photo Unblur, no fee

Google Unveils Arm Chip Custom just like Amazon and Microsoft

Google introducing its own custom-built Arm-based server chip, following similar efforts as Amazon and Microsoft

HubSpot's Stock Surges Amid Alphabet Acquisition Talks

HubSpot's stock saw a remarkable 9% surge Thursday morning following breaking news from Reuters

Android 15: Revamping Volume Controls With Style

Recent whispers suggest that Android 15 is poised to shake up the volume panel with a stunning redesign

EU Launches Probe into Apple, Meta, Google

Meta, Apple, and Alphabet are under scrutiny for potential violations of the Digital Markets Act

Antitrust Crackdown: Big Tech Braces for Break-Ups

As antitrust watchdogs on both sides of the Atlantic intensify their scrutiny of alleged anti-competitive behaviors

CCI Probes Google Amid Indian In-App Billing Dispute

India's antitrust authority launched an investigation into Alphabet Inc's Google, delving into a heated standoff

Google Aims to Resolve Gemini Image Diversity Glitch Soon

Hassabis expressed that the tool will be back online to respond to prompts within the "next few weeks."

Google Apologizes for Image Generation Misstep

Google issued an apology on Friday, acknowledging that its recent image generation feature for the Gemini AI chatbot
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