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Tag: Hackers

Crypto Scam Alert: $71M WBTC Spreads Across Wallets

In a tragic turn of events, $71 million worth of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) was transferred to a bait wallet address

North Korea's Lazarus Group Targets LinkedIn Users

Lazarus Group contacting cryptocurrency professionals aiming to steal their employee privileges & assets through malwar

AT&T Data Breach: Millions Impacted

Recent cyber incident that saw millions of customers' data surfacing on the shadowy corner

Q1 2024: Web3 Loses $336M to Hackers

A staggering $336M has been siphoned off by Web3 cybercriminals and fraudsters, a glimmer of hope as it signify 23%

UnitedHealth's $3.3B Counter to Cyberattack Fallout

UnitedHealth Group has recently extended its financial support, disbursing an extra $1 billion

Layerswap Beats Domain Hijack: Users Reimbursed

Layerswap bridge, cryptocurrency exchanges and layer-2 blockchains, was ensnared in a domain hijacking debacle

Trezor Breach Rocks Crypto Community: What Happened?

Trezor's vast community, news broke that hackers had infiltrated the company's X account on Tuesday

National Amusements Faces Data Breach: Thousands Impacted in a Cinematic Saga

The cinematic parent juggernaut to media titans Paramount and CBS, finds itself in the midst of a riveting cyber tale

North Korean State-Backed Hackers Unleash Wide-Reaching Supply-Chain Attack

The notorious puppeteers of North Korean state-backed hacking have unleashed a wicked plot

Heco Chain and HTX Exchange Face $100M Crypto Heist: Investors on Edge

Unexpected plunge as HTX exchange and the groundbreaking Heco Chain found themselves ensnared in a cunning hack
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