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Tag: India

Peak XV: India 'Very Favorable' for IPOs

Shailendra Singh, said, India provides an exceptionally favorable environment for companies to launch IPOs

Apple Shift from China, Doubles India iPhone Production

Apple manufacture more devices outside of China, generated a staggering $14 billion in iPhone production within India

Avendus Targets $300M for New PE Fund

India’s foremost investment bank for venture deals, is embarking on a quest to secure approximately $300 million

Xiaomi Fan Festival 2024 Unveils Massive Discounts in India

Xiaomi Fan Festival 2024 ignites in India, marking the Chinese tech giant's 14th global brand anniversary

Samsung Drops Galaxy M55 & M15 for India

Electrifying smartphone debut, Samsung gears up to unleash the Galaxy M55 5G and Galaxy M15 5G in India

LogRhythm Boosts India Presence: 24/7 Support & Cloud SIEM Launch

Embarking on its journey into India, LogRhythm paves the way for local organizations to thrive securely

Motorola Teases Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 Smartphone

Motorola gears up to unveil its latest smartphone in India, with just a few days left until its debut

CCI Probes Google Amid Indian In-App Billing Dispute

India's antitrust authority launched an investigation into Alphabet Inc's Google, delving into a heated standoff

Paytm's Key License Amid Regulatory Challenges

India's Paytm has successfully obtained a license to sustain operations and uphold key features within the payments app

Top 10 SaaS Development Companies in India

The SaaS application is a great technological advancement to ease your business operations
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