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Tag: iPhone

Google Maps Launches Global Speedometer for iPhone

Google Maps has finally brought its long-awaited speedometer and speed limit features to iOS and CarPlay users worldwide

iPhone 16 Promises Longer Battery Life with Advanced Energy-Dense Batteries

Apple’s next-gen iPhones set to feature enhanced battery technology and improved durability

iPhones to Text via Satellite Soon

Get ready for an exciting update: iPhones are about to gain the ability to send text messages via satellite

Anthropic's New iPhone App and Business Tier

On Wednesday, Anthropic unveiled its debut enterprise solution along with a complimentary iPhone app

Apple iPhone Sales Plunge in China as Huawei Dominates

Apple witnessed a 19.1% drop in iPhone sales, as it struggled to keep up with the growing popularity of Huawei

Apple Shift from China, Doubles India iPhone Production

Apple manufacture more devices outside of China, generated a staggering $14 billion in iPhone production within India

iPhone 15. A Game-Changer in the World of Smartphones and Beyond

Brace for the iPhone 15 unveiling, The rumor mill is abuzz with exciting details

Apple's Fall Event: iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and Beyond

The Company Unleashes Excitement with next event scheduled for September 12, accompanied by the word “Wonderlust”

iPhone 15 Camera Upgrade: A Game-Changer for Apple, Worrying News for Android

Game-Changing Upgrade for iPhone. Bad News for Android. Fans, Brace Yourselves

ChatGPT gets an iPhone App

Now you can put OpenAI's silver-tongued chatbot in your pocket
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