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Tag: Meta

Meta, Blending BeReal's Authenticity with Snapchat's Fleeting Fun

Meta is once again drawing inspiration from its competitors borrowing BeReal's approach and Snapchat's fleeting fun

Meta's Workspace Demise Raises Enterprise Doubts

Meta finally decided to pull the plug on its enterprise product, transitioning to enterprise is no easy feat

EU Launches Child Safety Probe into Meta

Meta is facing a significant investigation from the European Union, particularly concerning child safety risks

Meta to Shut Down Workplace: Enterprise Communication Closure

Once aiming to dominate enterprise communication, Facebook, now under Meta, is closing a significant chapter

Meta Over Russian Disinformation, EU Launches Probe

European Commission a formal investigation into Meta's handling of political content, a Russian influence campaign

Meta Unveils Llama 3-Powered Chatbot "Meta AI"

Meta has introduced its latest large language model, Llama 3, to fuel its new chatbot, amusingly dubbed "Meta AI"

Meta Plunges 12% on Weak Revenue Forecast

Meta's shares took a nosedive of 12% on Thursday morning following the company's announcement of a weak revenue forecast

Meta Shares Plunge $200 Billion on Cash Drain Focus

Meta's plummeted by as much as 19% in extended trading on Wednesday, wiping out over $200B in market capitalization

Meta Set to Release Q1 Earning: What to Expect

Meta is set to unveil its first-quarter results after Wednesday's closing bell. Here's what analysts anticipate

Meta Partners with Lenovo and Xbox

Asus, Lenovo, and Microsoft’s Xbox—have already confirmed their plans to develop new devices running Meta Horizon OS
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