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Tag: Microsoft

Apple Becomes World's Most Valuable on AI Plans

Apple has surpassed Microsoft to become the world's most valuable company, Apple’s market cap soaring to $3.3 trillion

Microsoft Outsources AI, Boosting Google's Advantage

Microsoft is handing over the reins of its top AI tools to OpenAI, a move that could give Google a significant edge

Microsoft AI Feature Defaults Off After Backlash

Microsoft's cutting-edge AI feature, designed to capture screenshots on upcoming PCs, is making waves

Nvidia Surpasses Apple: Second Most Valuable Company

Nvidia has made waves by surpassing Apple in market capitalization, the second-most valuable public company in the U.S.

Microsoft AI PC Vision at Build

Microsoft’s Build developer conference kicks off on Tuesday, a prime stage to spotlight its latest AI innovations

Microsoft's Vision for AI PCs Unveiled

Microsoft's Build developer conference set to kick off, a platform for the company to showcase the latest advancements

Microsoft Offers Relocation Amid U.S.-China Tech Tensions

As tensions between the U.S. and China continue to escalate, Microsoft is making bold moves, urged teams based in China

Tech's AI 'Rat Race': Burnout & Rushed Rollouts

An artificial intelligence engineer at Amazon received a Slack message that changed everything

Newspaper Publishers Sue Microsoft and OpenAI

In a significant legal move, eight U.S. newspaper publishers have taken Microsoft and OpenAI to court in New York

Microsoft Earnings Report: What to Expect

After the market closes on Thursday, Microsoft is set to reveal its financial results for the fiscal third quarter
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