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Tag: Series A

Bambrew: Transforming Packaging with Sustainability

Bambrew, a cutting-edge cleantech startup, announced securing Rs 60 crore (approximately $7 million) in Series A funding

Hive Revolutionizes Cloud with €12M Series A

Innovative cloud disruptor Hive secured a €12 million Series A funding round led by SC Ventures

Tonic App Raises €10.85M in Series A

Tonic App, a digital health startup, has successfully concluded its Series A investment round

Revolutionizing HR: Remofirst Raises $25M in Series A

Remofirst, the global HR solution championing affordability, declared today that it has secured a staggering $25M

Remofirst Secures $25M to Challenge HR Titans

Remofirst with a recent $25 million in Series A funding, Remofirst proves itself a formidable player in the field

Lapse: 100M Memories Monthly, $30M Raise

The photo-sharing platform announced the closure of its $30M Series A funding round, marking a total of $42.3M

Evios Boosts Andersen EV with £4M Investment

Evios, a front-runner in at-home EV charging solutions, clinches £4 million in Series A funding

Planet A Foods Secures $15.4M Series A Funding

A visionary startup from Germany, poised to change the food industry with its sustainable and nourishing ingredients

CEEZER Raises €10.3M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Carbon Credit Market

CEEZER, hailing from the vibrant tech hub of Berlin, has achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of carbon credits

Symphony of Immunology: IMU Biosciences Completes £11.5M Series A Funding Round

Fueled by the urgency of the pandemic, this trailblazing company has now clinched a £11.5M Series A financing round
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