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Tag: Series B

Heura Foods Raises €40M, Hits Plant-Based Milestone

Spanish foodtech sensation Heura Foods is causing a stir in the industry, has secured a whopping €40 million

Morressier Raises $16.5M in Series B Funding for Research Integrity

The fortress of scholarly communications, the company has triumphantly sealed its Series B funding

ElevenLabs Scores $80M in Series B, Joins the Unicorn Club

Not only secured a $80M in a Series B funding round but has also ascended to the unicorn status with a valuation of $1B

Robin AI Secures $26 Million in Series B Funding to Propel AI Transformation

Generative AI it's a revolutionary force reshaping every sector, including the traditionally steadfast legal domain

Qogita Secures €80M in Series B Funding to Revolutionize Wholesale Procurement

Seamless one-stop-shop system emerges for innumerable small and medium retailers a substantial boost for economic growth

Eligo Bioscience Secures $30M in Series B Funding to Pioneer Genetic Medicine

Eligo Bioscience, the avant-garde gene-editing powerhouse based in Paris, has clinched a staggering $30 million

German Drone Pioneer, Quantum Systems, Soars with €63.6 Million Series B Funding

The trailblazing German drone startup, has secured a monumental €63.6 million in Series B funding

SynFutures Secures $22M in Series B Funding, Revolutionizing DeFi

While the crypto investment landscape faces a global slowdown, SynFutures secured a substantial $22 million

Traydstream Secures $21M in Series B Funding to Revolutionize Trade Finance

London's fintech trailblazer, Traydstream, has harnessed a whopping $21 million in a dynamic Series B funding round

A $15 million Series B round of funding is raised by Blumira

The funding illustrates a significant milestone in its growth journey
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