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Tag: South Korea

South Korea Pursues Terraform Labs Co-Founder: Key Updates

Called upon Interpol for help in bringing back Kwon Do-hyeong, co-founder of Terraform Labs, to its homeland

Beyond Honeycomb: South Korea's Robotics Innovator Redefining Restaurant Kitchen Dynamics

AI-powered chefs could soon take over the restaurant industry in a tasty, delightful way

South Korea Boosts Crypto Regulation Efforts

South Korean crypto exchanges made headlines by reporting over 16,000 transactions to local authorities

While the US Embraces Bitcoin ETFs, South Korea Stays the Course

The flip side of the crypto coin, South Korea remains unwavering in its stance against BTC ETFs

South Korea's Financial Watchdog Proposes Crypto Credit Card Ban amid Concerns

South Korea's FSC is making waves in the financial arena with a bold proposal that aims to reshape the rules of the game

Kakao's Fresh Horizon, A New CEO Takes the Helm Amidst Challenges

South Korea's digital behemoth, Kakao, is orchestrating a strategic shift by hoisting a new captain aboard

South Korean Police Raid Busts International Drug Trafficking Ring

Daegu, now the stage for law enforcement's takedown of a daring "drug trafficking organization" employed cryptocurrency

South Korea's Crypto Market Sees Explosive Growth, With Big Changes on the Horizon

South Korea's virtual asset market has soared to unprecedented heights in the first half of 2023 with $21.1B

Japan's Ascent in Crypto and Web3, A Challenge for South Korea

The spirit of Seoul possesses the potential to not only rival but surpass the ambitions of Tokyo in this dynamic arena
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