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Tag: stock

HubSpot Shares Plunge as Alphabet Backs Out

HubSpot nosedived by 11% on Wednesday after reports surfaced that Alphabet has decided to abandon its acquisition plans

Tesla Shares Soar, Erasing Annual Loss

Tesla's stock skyrocketed last Friday, wiping out its yearly loss and closing the week with an impressive 27% gain

Tesla Shorts Lose $3.5 Billion After Delivery Surge

Tesla's recent surge in deliveries has left short sellers reeling, losing a $3.5 billion in two days of trading

LG Boosts ThinQ Ecosystem with Athom Acquisition

LG has made a strategic move in the smart home sector by acquiring an 80% stake in Athom

Tesla Shares Surge on Strong Q2 Deliveries

Tesla shares experienced a surge after the company revealed its second-quarter vehicle production and delivery figures

Nvidia Slips as Microsoft Reclaims Title of Most Valuable Company

A 3% drop in Nvidia shares shifts market leadership back to Microsoft

Nvidia Becomes World's Most Valuable Company Amid AI Boom

Nvidia rises to the top as the world's most valuable company, driven by the AI boom and groundbreaking GPU technology

Fintech Rebounds After Valuation Plunge

Industry leaders highlighted a market shift towards sustainable growth and realistic business models

SoftBank Surges 6.3% Amid Elliott's $15B Buyback Push

SoftBank Group experienced a remarkable surge in its shares, skyrocketing by up to 6.3%

Tech Stocks Tank: Earnings Woes Shake Market

A tumultuous week for software and enterprise tech as Salesforce, Dell, Okta, & Veeva, triggering a market frenzy
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