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Tag: Venture capital

Ex-Military Join VCs as Defense Tech Booms

Silicon Valley is blending with the Pentagon as venture capitalists ramp up investments in defense tech startups

Kearny Jackson's $65M Fund III Backed by Marc Andreessen, Sequoia

Kearny Jackson, a prominent early-stage VC firm, has just unveiled its latest endeavor: Fund III, securing $65 million

J2 Ventures Secures $150M for Military Healthcare Focus

J2 Ventures announced a significant milestone on Thursday with the closing of its $150 million

Forestay Launches $220M VC Fund Focused on AI

Forestay, a rising venture capital firm based in Switzerland, has made significant strides with $220M raised

Seaya's €300M Fund Taps Spain's Climate Expertise

Madrid-based venture capital firm Seaya has seized on Spain's climate challenges to launch a groundbreaking €300M fund

Industry Ventures Launches $900M Fund for Early-Stage VCs

Industry Ventures made a significant move in the venture capital landscape with the announcement of a new $900 million

Former Olympians Launch $50M Fund for Influencer Brands

Former Olympians Samyr Laine and Ayanna Alexander-Laine have teamed up to launch Freedom Trail Capital Boosts Europe's LGBTQ+ Venture Landscape, a Berlin-based venture firm founded by Til Klein & Jochen Beutgen, is pioneering LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs

Kfund Secures €70M for Sixth Fund, Propelling Southern Europe’s Startups

Kfund secures €70M for K3 fund, boosting Southern Europe's startups and fostering innovation and economic growth in the region.

Foresite Capital Raises $900M for Life Sciences

Foresite brought a seasoned expert from B Capital and Coatue Management, to lead their investment relations efforts
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