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July 19, 2023

TLV Partners Celebrates $1B AUM Milestone and Launches $250M Fund V

Fueling Israeli Innovation with $1B AUM Milestone and $250M Fund V

TLV Partners, an Israeli VC firm, has reached a remarkable milestone, managing an impressive $1 billion in assets. To further strengthen their commitment to early-stage startups founded by exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs, TLV Partners has also unveiled their latest venture, Fund V, with a total investment capacity of $250 million. The firm focuses on various sectors, including developer tools, AI, cybersecurity, fintech, biotech, and more.

With Fund V, TLV Partners has ambitious plans to invest in nearly 25 seed and Series A rounds. Initial contributions to these promising startups will range from $4 to $8 million, while subsequent rounds may see investments of up to $20 million per company.

Amidst the current challenging times in Israel, Shahar Tzafrir, Managing Partner at TLV Partners, emphasizes the firm's unwavering commitment to its founders. They view these obstacles as opportunities for innovation, growth, and resilience. The launch of Fund V, as part of TLV Partners' $1 billion funds, reflects their unwavering optimism in the visionary founders, the nation, and the potential of a resilient democracy. TLV Partners stands ready, resilient and united to face the future.

Adi Yarel Toledano, General Partner and CFO at TLV Partners, emphasizes that their success lies in financial investments and building genuine partnerships with their portfolio companies. Trust, transparency, and shared vision form the foundation of their collaborations. With pride, TLV Partners has supported 60 exceptional companies and 130 outstanding founders, prioritizing their achievements and ambitious goals. They express profound gratitude to their invaluable Limited Partners for their unwavering support as their vision and mission continue to shape the Israeli startup ecosystem.

TLV Partners' milestone achievement and the launch of Fund V serve as a testament to their enduring dedication to fostering innovation and propelling the success of visionary startups. Through their unwavering support and partnership, TLV Partners is poised to play a pivotal role in the growth and advancement of the Israeli tech landscape.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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