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Top 100 VR and Augmented Reality Companies and Startups

Discover the world's leading 100 groundbreaking companies in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)
By Gresheen Libby
June 13, 2024

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have rapidly evolved, becoming integral in various sectors from entertainment to industrial training. The surge in VR and AR solutions has been spearheaded by numerous pioneering companies and startups. Here, we spotlight 100 standout firms among the top 100 shaping the future of these immersive technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) vs. Virtual Reality (VR): What’s The Difference?

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two transformative technologies, but they offer distinctly different experiences. AR creates a partial digital overlay on the real world, enhancing the user's perception of reality by blending virtual content with their physical environment. In contrast, VR immerses users in a fully virtual world, completely replacing the real environment with a fictional or digital one.

An example of AR is Pokémon GO, which skyrocketed in popularity in 2016 due to its use of augmented reality. The game allows Pokémon to appear in the real world via your smartphone screen, blending digital creatures into your surroundings. Snapchat filters that add virtual elements like animal faces to your real-world selfies are another popular AR application, particularly in marketing and social media.

On the other hand, VR is exemplified by headsets like the Oculus Rift. These devices cover your eyes, transporting you into an entirely digital world that you can explore in 360 degrees. Whether you're exploring fantastical landscapes or engaging in immersive gaming experiences, VR headsets create a complete sensory immersion, isolating you from the real world and placing you in a fully virtual environment.

100 Top Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Companies and Startups

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), an American semiconductor giant based in Santa Clara, California, holds a commanding 80% of the global market share in GPU semiconductor chips as of 2023. Renowned for its high-end graphics processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA is the preferred choice for AI development teams worldwide. Their platform for generative AI powers organizations enable the creation and enhancement of VR and AR experiences.

NVIDIA's advanced AI capabilities are integral to the development of sophisticated VR and AR applications, making it a cornerstone for companies seeking to push the boundaries of what's possible in immersive technology.

NVIDIA - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Rypplzz, pronounced "Ripples," is revolutionizing spatial computing with its Interlife geolocation platform. This system connects digital objects to physical spaces, offering versatile applications in sports, entertainment, real estate, and cybersecurity. Entering 2024 with $3 million in seed funding led by KB Partners and Triptyq Capital, Rypplzz aims to scale its product and expand its technical team.

Their unique approach to merging the digital and physical realms positions Rypplzz as a key player in the AR landscape, providing robust solutions that enhance real-world interactions with digital content.

Since its inception in 2016, AutoVRse has been at the forefront of VR for safety and learning in Fortune 500 companies. Their latest offering, VRseBuilder, is a comprehensive VR app creation and management platform tailored for industrial training. VRseBuilder simplifies the large-scale deployment of VR applications with its readymade content library, VR-Native LMS, deployment platform, knowledge repository, and no-code Unity SDK.

In addition to industrial training, AutoVRse is venturing into the global gaming market with District M, a VR rhythm platformer designed to captivate gamers with its immersive multiversal dance festival experience.

AutoVRse - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Samsung, a heavyweight in the tech industry, is set to release a new XR/VR headset, anticipated to rival Apple's Vision Pro. While details remain under wraps, the excitement surrounding Samsung's entry into the XR space signals a significant advancement in VR and AR technology.

Known for their innovation and quality, Samsung's new headset is expected to set new standards in the immersive tech market.

Microsoft has been a trailblazer in AR with the launch of HoloLens in 2015. The HoloLens 2, an untethered mixed reality headset, continues this legacy by offering intelligent applications designed to address real business challenges. Running on the Windows Mixed Reality platform, HoloLens leverages positional tracking technology derived from Microsoft's Kinect.

HoloLens' capability to blend the digital and physical worlds makes it an invaluable tool for industries ranging from healthcare to engineering, solidifying Microsoft's role as a leader in mixed reality solutions.

Microsoft - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Unity's AR Foundation is a versatile cross-platform framework that simplifies the creation of augmented reality experiences. Developers can build rich AR applications once and deploy them across multiple mobile and wearable devices without additional modifications. Available through Unity's AR Foundation package, this framework is essential for developing immersive and interactive AR experiences.

Unity's robust tools and user-friendly platform empower developers to create sophisticated AR applications, driving innovation and expanding the reach of augmented reality technology.

Alphabet Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, California, is a titan in the technology industry. As the world's third-largest technology company by revenue and one of the most valuable globally, Alphabet has a significant influence on the VR and AR landscape.

Google - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Google Glass

Google Glass is a wearable Android device resembling eyeglasses, offering an augmented reality experience. By using visual, audio, and location-based inputs, Google Glass provides users with relevant information directly in their field of vision, controlled through voice and motion commands. This device has found applications in various fields, from healthcare to logistics, enhancing efficiency and information accessibility.

Google Maps AR (Live View)

Google Maps AR, now known as Live View, revolutionizes navigation by superimposing directional arrows and information onto the real world through your phone's display. This AR feature enhances pedestrian navigation, making it easier to find your way by providing real-time, context-aware directions. Simply search for your destination, select walking directions, and tap the "Live View" button to experience this futuristic navigation tool.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Venice, California, WEVR creates immersive VR experiences. WEVR's technology platform leverages immersive computing and real-time massively scalable simulations to produce captivating virtual reality content.

This platform empowers digital artists and developers to create and publish digital media for VR devices, resulting in transcendent immersive stories and globally shared experiences.

Vention, established in 2002, specializes in custom software development, offering solutions to both startups and large enterprises. With over 20 years of experience, Vention provides services that cater to the unique needs of their clients, including the development of VR and AR applications.

Their expertise in software development ensures that Vention can deliver tailored VR and AR solutions, helping businesses integrate these technologies into their operations for enhanced performance and engagement.

Vention - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company headquartered in Poland, renowned for delivering wise digital innovations. Innowise excels in creating marker-based and location-based AR applications for iOS, Android, and smart glasses by using GPS data, custom markers, and visual SLAM inputs. Their AR solutions are designed to provide interactive experiences across various devices.

In the VR domain, Innowise develops applications, industry-specific simulators, and visualizations for multiple platforms. Their commitment to in-depth immersion ensures that clients receive top-notch VR solutions that simulate various professional activities, enhancing training and operational efficiencies.

NEXT/NOW, headquartered in the United States, specializes in creating compelling augmented reality, virtual reality, and experiential marketing solutions. Their expertise in software design, development, motion graphics, and animation positions them in retail innovation.

By revitalizing human experiences through imagined worlds and interactions, NEXT/NOW forges new connections with audiences. Their projects often blur the lines between the digital and physical, providing immersive and engaging experiences that captivate consumers and enhance brand engagement.

NEXT/NOW - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Magic Leap, based in Plantation, Florida, is a leader in augmented reality. The company's flagship product, Magic Leap One, is a head-mounted AR display that superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real-world objects, enhancing both virtual and real-world interactions.

Magic Leap is dedicated to creating a powerful AR platform for enterprise use, significantly impacting workflows, productivity, and ROI. Their technology enables global teams to collaborate with co-presence, conduct enhanced reviews with 3D visualization, and offer real-time remote expertise to frontline workers.

NextVR is a pioneer in broadcasting live events such as concerts and sports matches in virtual reality. Acquired by Apple Inc., NextVR specializes in recording live events to be experienced in VR, providing fans with extraordinary access and profound immersion.

This acquisition enhances Apple's development of VR and AR headsets, integrating NextVR's content and technology to offer unparalleled live event experiences. NextVR's platform enables users to feel like they are part of the action, revolutionizing how live events are consumed and experienced.

NextVR - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Based in Dallas, Texas, Groove Jones is renowned for producing award-winning AI, AR, MR, VR, and WebGL applications. Their solutions are utilized in advertising, marketing, sales enablement, and enterprise training, showcasing their versatility.

Groove Jones' expertise in creating immersive and interactive applications helps businesses engage their audiences more effectively. Whether for marketing campaigns or training programs, their applications deliver high-impact experiences that drive engagement and retention.



High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC), headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is a major player in the consumer electronics industry. Founded in 1997, HTC initially designed and manufactured laptop computers before shifting its focus to VR and AR.

HTC's Vive XR Elite, a new virtual and augmented reality headset, continues the company's tradition of innovation. HTC's first-generation Vive, announced in 2015, set the standard for VR headsets. Since then, HTC has released upgraded models and accessories, such as sensors for motion and facial capture, enhancing the immersive experience.

HTC - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Based in Silicon Valley, Squint is a software company. With over 45 patents and a history of featuring in Apple Event keynotes, Squint has established itself as a leader in AR technology. The company’s mission is to enhance human potential by integrating digital knowledge into real-world applications. Squint’s "open world" AR product stands out because it can be created on the spot without the need for QR codes or 3D models, making it highly adaptable and user-friendly.

VRChat offers a unique social platform where users can interact and socialize in virtual reality. The platform provides a wide array of customizable avatars and environments, enabling users to create and share distinct virtual experiences. VRChat allows people from all over the globe to connect and immerse themselves in various virtual worlds and games, fostering a vibrant and interactive community.

VRChat - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Sandbox VR specializes in delivering location-based VR experiences that transport players into immersive virtual worlds. Players can enjoy a range of customizable avatars and game scenarios, enhancing the sense of immersion and interactivity. Sandbox VR’s platform is designed for group experiences, allowing friends to explore and play together in fully realized virtual environments, making it a popular choice for social entertainment.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in San Francisco, OpenSpace provides reality capture and AI-powered analytics for the construction industry. By simply attaching a camera and using their app, users can quickly capture and map photos to their construction plans. The OpenSpace Vision Engine ensures that images are available for viewing within minutes, providing a comprehensive as-built record from preconstruction through to handover and operation.

OpenSpace - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Dispelix, a Finnish company, develops see-through waveguide combiners for extended reality (XR) devices. Their high-performance waveguides integrate virtual and real-world elements, making them ideal for various applications, from eyewear to head-up displays.

Labster empowers educators by providing immersive online simulations that reimagine science courses. Their 3D laboratory training software delivers interactive, virtualized simulations across STEM and other subjects, offering a rich learning experience. Labster’s commitment to developing fully interactive lab simulations based on sophisticated mathematical algorithms has made it a valuable tool for educators seeking to enhance their curriculum with hands-on virtual experiences.

Labster - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Founded by Robert Stromberg in 2014, The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) combines storytelling, technology, art, and gaming to create captivating VR experiences. VRC's team of award-winning storytellers is dedicated to exploring ways to share stories through immersive virtual environments. As a leading studio for cinematic VR, VRC is committed to producing memorable and engaging narratives that push the boundaries of virtual reality entertainment.

Virtualitics leverages Explainable AI and decision intelligence to transform how enterprises and governments make decisions. Their platform uses AI for data analysis and visualization, allowing users to explore data through interactive 3D visuals and gain AI-driven insights.

AppliedVR is pioneering the use of virtual reality in healthcare, focusing on therapeutic applications for pain management and mental health. Their comprehensive approach to chronic pain treatment empowers patients with intuitive, self-managed VR devices. AppliedVR's RelieVRx, the first VR-based prescription therapeutic authorized by the FDA for chronic lower back pain, exemplifies their innovative approach.

AppliedVR - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Merge Labs is transforming education through lifelike digital learning experiences that integrate with traditional school curricula. By allowing students to interact with 3D digital objects, such as a monarch butterfly, Merge makes learning more engaging and tangible. Their educational VR solutions provide an interactive way for students to explore and understand complex concepts, making education more immersive and effective.

Holoride aims to transform ordinary car rides into thrilling virtual adventures. By integrating navigational data with vehicle dynamics and virtual reality, Holoride creates an immersive experience that moves in sync with the car’s movements. This integration minimizes motion sickness, allowing passengers to enjoy an engaging and dynamic VR experience instead of conventional activities like reading or watching movies during long journeys.

Launched in 2020, Breakroom is a robust platform designed to enhance virtual experiences in professional settings. It offers a secure, ISO27001 certified space for interactive learning, virtual meetings and collaborations. Integrating essential business tools like SAML, Breakroom supports secure and efficient communication.

Breakroom - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

RelaxVR offers a unique virtual reality relaxation treatment tailored for spas, combining VR, meditation, aromatherapy, and binaural beats to deliver a deeply immersive experience. Users can choose from 15 high-quality 360-degree videos featuring serene locations like the beaches of Seychelles or the forests of New Zealand. Accompanied by the scents of pure essential oil blends, RelaxVR transports clients to peaceful environments.

Polycam has established itself as the leading 3D scanning app for iOS, web, and Android, making 3D capture accessible to everyone. Utilizing LiDAR technology on iOS devices, Polycam allows users to create photorealistic 3D assets with ease.

Polycam - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Founded in 2016, Moonhub is a VR training platform that aims to revolutionize learning and development across various sectors, including facilities management, security, and social care.. By offering a flexible and accessible remote training solution, Moonhub helps organizations streamline their training processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Move.AI is revolutionizing the creation of 3D animations by making it accessible to anyone, anywhere. Leveraging advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics, Move.AI transforms 2D videos into 3D motion data, enabling realistic human motion capture for animated characters. The company offers markerless motion capture solutions compatible with single and multi-camera setups, including standard cameras and smartphones.

Anything World is a platform that combines AI, speech computing, and 3D rendering with behavioral intelligence to bring 3D models to life rapidly and cost-effectively. By automating the rigging and animation processes, Anything World enables developers to create interactive 3D experiences for games, apps, and the metaverse up to 40% faster than traditional methods. The platform offers unlimited 3D models, providing a robust toolkit for developers to enhance their projects.

Anything World - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Slamcore specializes in providing advanced location, mapping, and perception software for robots and autonomous machines. Utilizing SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms, Slamcore’s embedded software enables products to gain spatial understanding from sensor data, facilitating intelligent navigation and interaction with the environment.

Hologate is a global leader in the field of immersive virtual reality entertainment, offering multiplayer VR experiences across various themes, including cooking, fighting, and dueling games. With the largest location-based VR network worldwide, Hologate provides unforgettable virtual experiences that are reshaping the landscape of entertainment, training, and simulation. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Strolll is pioneering the use of augmented reality (AR) for therapeutic applications, specifically targeting movement therapy for people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The Strolll system integrates AR to offer two therapeutic activities: exercise games and cueing strategies. These activities are designed to be engaging and fun, promoting compliance and increasing the amount of exercise performed by patients. Strolll’s patented technology leverages AR glasses to create real-time, immersive experiences that help patients improve their mobility.

Strolll - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Atlas V, a French-based production company, is renowned for creating award-winning immersive and interactive experiences in augmented and virtual reality. The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of creative tech, utilizing machine learning to enhance their installations.

Challau offers a 3D meeting platform that allows users to design their own virtual worlds for business meetings and social interactions. Based in London, Challau enhances business operations by providing immersive 3D experiences that boost engagement and drive conversions. Beyond business, it serves as a social metaverse where users can create virtual homes, meet with friends, watch TV, and play games.

Challau - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Proxy is revolutionizing personal identification by creating a unique identity signal for every individual on the planet. This signal is universally accessible, secure, and private, enhancing physical interactions with the world around you. Proxy's mission is to make identity management effortless and safe for all users.

Vectary offers a browser-based platform that democratizes 3D and augmented reality design. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Redwood City, California, Vectary provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, sharing, and experiencing 3D content. With photorealistic real-time rendering and AR capabilities, Vectary makes sophisticated design accessible to all, enabling users to craft and share immersive 3D experiences directly on the web.

Spinview, located in London, United Kingdom, leverages digital twin technology to transform raw data into visual intelligence, optimizing building and city performance. By creating digital replicas of real-world environments, Spinview enhances operational efficiency, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and fosters collaboration.

Spinview - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Creal, headquartered in Écublens, Vaud, Switzerland, specializes in true light field displays that provide a natural and comfortable 3D visual experience. Their technology integrates digital images with the real world, offering genuine focal depth and continuous depth resolution. Creal's AR displays, available in the form of glasses, allow for extended interaction with virtual objects without visual discomfort, ensuring a harmonious blend of digital and real-world visuals.

Based in Paris, France, METAV.RS offers an all-in-one Web3 platform designed to help brands and agencies streamline their Web3 strategies. Integrating with e-commerce websites, METAV.RS provides virtual shopping experiences accessible on any device without the need for additional applications. This centralized platform facilitates the management of digital assets and enhances the customer experience through immersive, interactive virtual environments.


Dent Reality

Dent Reality, located in the United Kingdom, delivers augmented reality solutions tailored for the retail industry. Their AR platform enhances the customer experience by providing personalized indoor navigation and detailed product information. Dent Reality's tools empower retailers to engage with customers on a one-to-one basis, offering intuitive AR experiences that simplify shopping and enhance satisfaction.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Basemark specializes in augmented reality platforms for the automotive industry. Their AR technology improves driving safety by offering real-time contextual guidance and alerts, ensuring that critical information is displayed in the driver's field of view.

Basemark - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Virtex Stadium, based in London, United Kingdom, aims to revolutionize the way people watch esports. This online virtual stadium allows users to create personalized avatars, socialize with friends and fellow fans, and enjoy live esports events in a fully immersive environment.

RSTLSS, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, empowers brands, influencers, and artists to design and sell fashion items that traverse both virtual and real worlds. Their platform focuses on wearable technology and fashion within the web3 space, enabling users to express their identities through multiverse fashion.

RSTLSS - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Beem offers a software platform that facilitates live and on-demand communication in the Metaverse using real human interactions. Located in London, United Kingdom, Beem allows users to build their own video streaming apps without coding, creating personalized digital homes free from algorithmic constraints. The platform enhances visualization with AR and VR, incorporates gamification elements, and supports content and personal brand creation and ownership.

Proximie, based in London, United Kingdom, revolutionizes surgical care with its virtual surgical theater platform. Combining telepresence, content management, and data insights, Proximie enables surgeons to share expertise globally and improves clinical care in operating rooms.

FitXR is a leading VR/AR fitness company based in London, England, offering fun and engaging workouts inspired by various martial arts, including Karate, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. FitXR's mission is to make fitness enjoyable and accessible to all, using VR and MR technologies to impact lives and promote a healthier world through immersive exercise experiences.

FitXR - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

XYZ Reality, located in the United Kingdom, is pioneering the future of construction with their Engineering Grade Augmented Reality™ system. Their innovative AR helmet overlays 3D plans directly onto construction sites with millimeter accuracy, providing unprecedented precision. This comprehensive solution enhances project management with real-time data, streamlining construction processes and decision-making.

Threedium, headquartered in the United Kingdom, offers a low-code 3D engine that enables brands to create immersive 3D and AR experiences. Serving leading global brands and award-winning agencies, Threedium provides tools for creating, distributing, and managing photorealistic 3D and AR content across various channels, including eCommerce and virtual stores in the metaverse. Their platform aims to boost sales by delivering captivating and interactive digital experiences.

Envisics, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is an innovator in the automotive sector specializing in holographic technologies. Their Dynamic Holography Platform revolutionizes head-up displays (HUDs) by integrating augmented reality elements. Using advanced algorithms and intelligent computer systems, Envisics' AR HUD technology overlays real-time, relevant data onto the real world, enhancing driver information accessibility while minimizing distractions. This approach combines proprietary algorithms with robust optics to produce superior holographic displays with greater magnification and superior image quality, displayed at multiple distances simultaneously.

Envisics - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Emperia, based in the United Kingdom, offers a Virtual Reality Platform tailored for the retail and fashion industries. Their platform enables the creation of immersive virtual and metaverse experiences for retail environments. 

MindMaze, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a leader in brain technology, offering digital neurotherapeutic solutions for patient treatment and rehabilitation. Their platform provides digital assessments and therapeutics designed to address complex neurorehabilitation challenges. MindMaze's immersive therapies are designed to promote neurological repair and rehabilitation in patients with brain injuries, leveraging advanced digital therapeutic solutions to enhance patient outcomes and support neurological recovery.

SuperWorld overlays augmented reality onto the real world, enabling users to create, discover, and monetize AR content. Through its AR real estate platform, users can purchase virtual plots of land anywhere globally, generating revenue from user activities and becoming integral stakeholders in the platform. SuperWorld merges digital creativity with real-world locations, offering a unique blend of virtual and physical experiences.

Futures Factory, based in Paris, merges digital and physical realms in the sneaker marketplace through blockchain, AR, and VR technologies. Specializing in 3D-printed footwear and immersive digital experiences, the studio aims to create a positive future by making advanced creative technologies accessible and understandable. By blending art with artificial intelligence, Futures Factory explores and demonstrates the possibilities of these technologies, building a bridge between design and technology.

Futures Factory - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Latent Technology, headquartered in London, is focused on revolutionizing the creation and experience of virtual worlds with advanced AI-driven animation technology. Their mission is to provide game developers and players with magical, real-time animation experiences, redefining how virtual environments are built and interacted with. Latent Technology's innovative approach aims to elevate the level of immersion and creativity in virtual worlds.

Amelia Virtual Care, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, offers a comprehensive virtual reality platform designed for mental health treatment. Their platform provides over 100 immersive environments for therapy sessions, helping mental health professionals deliver more effective and individualized care. Amelia's VR tools support remote therapy and create engaging experiences for patients, making therapeutic interventions more impactful and accessible.

ARuVR, formerly known as VRtuoso, is a London-based SaaS platform providing end-to-end extended reality (XR) solutions for enterprises and the public sector. Their platform enables the creation and consumption of immersive VR and AR content, facilitating engaging training and live streaming experiences. ARuVR empowers organizations to produce and deliver interactive and immersive XR experiences, enhancing learning and development through advanced technology.

Gym Class offers an immersive virtual reality sports experience, focusing on basketball. It allows players worldwide to connect, compete, and socialize in a virtual environment, fostering friendships and promoting physical activity. Gym Class aims to bridge global distances by creating a realistic and engaging sports simulation, making basketball accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Gym Class - by IRL Studios - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

NeuronsVR, based in Australia, offers a therapeutic virtual reality (VR) tool designed to support aged care and individuals living with dementia. This platform aids in managing frustration and addressing unmet needs by providing immersive experiences that can be integrated into Behavior Support Plans following thorough planning and assessment. NeuronsVR aims to enhance the quality of care by offering solutions for escalation management, engaging residents during sundowning periods, and fostering empathy between carers and residents. Through the use of VR technology, NeuronsVR creates a supportive and empathetic environment that improves the overall well-being of aged care residents.

Sketchbox simplifies the creation and updating of VR training simulations, much like WordPress does for websites. Targeting Fortune 500 companies, Sketchbox provides a platform with no-code scenario editors and comprehensive student analytics. Their simulations are compatible with next-gen portable VR headsets, making advanced training tools more accessible and cost-effective.

Meshcapade, headquartered in Tübingen, Germany, specializes in creating hyper-realistic 3D avatars through their advanced generative models. This innovative platform transforms photos, videos, body measurements, 3D scans, motion capture data, and text inputs into lifelike digital humans, perfect for applications in e-commerce, the metaverse, fitness, healthcare, gaming, and AR/VR environments.

Rooom, established in 2016 and headquartered in Germany, offers a platform for designing, managing, and publishing interactive 3D, AR, and VR metaverse experiences. Their user-friendly toolkit empowers developers to integrate immersive 3D content into various applications.

Based in London, Titan Academy specializes in automated coaching for sports simulation games. Using real-world and in-game data, Titan Academy offers insights to help players enhance their skills and outperform their competitors. With a recent $1.8 million funding round, they are set to revolutionize how gamers train and excel in titles like FIFA and Formula 1.

Maze Theory, a UK-based game development studio, is dedicated to creating unique XR games that push the boundaries of player imagination. Their narrative-driven games unfold through unexpected and immersive scenarios, offering limitless possibilities. Maze Theory aims to blend captivating storytelling with gameplay to deliver memorable gaming experiences.

Maze Theory - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

AerinX, a technology company, is transforming aircraft inspections with their mixed-reality (MR) system. By projecting structural data onto aircraft surfaces, AerinX's solution streamlines inspection workflows and reduces inspection times. This advanced tool addresses labor shortages and enhances the efficiency of maintenance processes in the aviation industry.

Presize.AI, a Munich-based FashionTech startup, uses computer vision and deep learning to provide accurate body scanning for online shoppers. Users can receive precise size recommendations by simply turning around in front of their smartphone camera. Recently acquired by Meta, presize.AI aims to revolutionize virtual fitting technology for the fashion industry.

Volograms, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, specializes in converting videos into 3D volumetric holograms using AI. Their products, including Volu, Volu Pro, and Vologram Messages, enable immersive communications and marketing by capturing volumetric 3D people with just a smartphone.

Ultraleap combines world-leading hand tracking and haptic technology to enable intuitive, touchless gesture control in AR/VR, interactive kiosks, and automotive applications. Using infrared LEDs and synchronized camera data, Ultraleap's sensors track hand movements with precision.

Ultraleap - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

NFZ World aims to transform the way zoo visitors engage with wildlife through its virtual reality PODs. Each POD offers an immersive sensory experience with 4K video, allowing users to embark on 8-minute wildlife adventures. These experiences are designed to enhance learning and foster a deeper connection with nature. This initiative will enable people to explore zoos worldwide from the comfort of their homes, providing access to exotic wildlife experiences that might otherwise be out of reach.

Parallel Office leverages blockchain and metaverse technologies to create a decentralized ecosystem for businesses. Powered by smart contracts, NFTs, and the $PLO token, Parallel Office offers a decentralized workspace solution that combines the benefits of blockchain with the expansive possibilities of the metaverse, enabling secure business operations.

AjnaLens, named after the ‘Ajna’ chakra representing the third eye and intuitive vision, is a Mumbai-based company that develops advanced augmented, virtual, and mixed reality devices and software solutions. Catering to the Defence, Enterprise, and Skilling sectors, AjnaLens is India's first and only XR hardware original equipment manufacturer (OEM) producing AR/VR glasses.

Lucid Reality Labs, based in Miami, Florida, is an industry-leading immersive technology company. The agency excels in creating immersive marketing experiences. Their expertise spans augmented reality (AR), real-world enhancements with digital twins, and visual overlays that offer limitless business applications.

Lucid Reality Labs - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

RNO1 is an award-winning, full-service brand and digital agency known for its innovative approach to design and strategy. RNO1 collaborates with disruptive startups and established brands worldwide. Their specialties include branding, digital strategy, marketing strategy, website design, mobile apps, and immersive VR/AR experiences, all aimed at creating daring and delightful digital engagements.

Apple recently introduced their Vision Pro, which is a groundbreaking 3D camera that allows users to capture and relive moments in stunning 3D through spatial photos and videos. This versatile device functions as both a VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) headset, offering smooth transitions between these modes.

Vision Pro

Meta Spark is Meta's platform designed to empower creators to build and share AR experiences on a large scale. Meta also produces custom volume holograms for augmented reality eyewear and other transparent display products, enhancing visual experiences. Additionally, Facebook's augmented reality ads offer advertisers new ways to engage audiences with interactive and immersive ad formats, from virtual try-on experiences to dynamic filters.

Transfr is an educational technology company that leverages virtual reality to equip professionals with crucial skills. By donning VR headsets and using handheld controllers, trainees step into realistic simulations of various work environments. Within these immersive settings, they practice job-specific tasks and receive real-time feedback from virtual instructors.



Adesante is a health technology company that specializes in virtual reality solutions for surgeons. Their flagship product, SurgeryVision™, transforms traditional surgical planning by converting MRI and CT images into detailed stereoscopic 3D models. This advanced visualization tool provides surgeons with an immersive and precise view of patient imaging data, facilitating more accurate and effective surgical procedures.

Meow Wolf is a dynamic arts collective renowned for its multimedia installations that blend interactive art, immersive sensory experiences, and theme park elements. The group has integrated virtual reality into its unique projects, enhancing their otherworldly exhibitions. "The Atrium," one of their standout exhibits, merges VR with haptic feedback to create an engaging and immersive storytelling adventure.

CUREosity is a pioneering Med-Tech company based in Düsseldorf, Germany, offering VR-based therapy solutions through a SaaS business model. Their flagship product, CUREO, is designed to enhance both inpatient and outpatient therapy by making it more effective, efficient, and engaging. Utilizing virtual reality, CUREO provides a range of intuitive tools and playful exercises aimed at improving fine motor skills. The system incorporates gamification elements to maintain long-lasting motivation, ensuring patients remain engaged and motivated throughout their therapy.

CUREosity - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

DayCare Technology is dedicated to fostering a modern and inclusive society by addressing the unique needs and capabilities of the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and those from challenging social or financial backgrounds. Utilizing the power of VR, AR, and MR, DayCare Technology aims to enhance the quality of life, promote participation, and create virtual accessibility for these groups.

Holocafé, established in 2016, became the first European virtual reality café offering exclusive multiplayer content specifically designed for arcades. As the concept quickly evolved into a franchise, Holocafé now operates multiple venues across Germany, providing franchisees with a robust technical infrastructure. This includes unique co-located VR experiences unavailable in the home entertainment market and comprehensive platform technology for store automation and ticketing. Holocafé continues to innovate in the VR entertainment space, offering unparalleled social and gaming experiences.

Fantastic Foe is a small indie game studio focused on creating not-so-serious games that address significant topics in a playful but respectful manner. The studio believes that games can be both fun and meaningful, offering interactive experiences that provide unique perspectives on various issues. In addition to indie games, Fantastic Foe specializes in immersive VR training games, enhancing traditional training methods with engaging, trackable, and gamified solutions that improve performance and learning outcomes.

Mad About Pandas, founded by Patrick Rau, who also established the award-winning kunst-stoff GmbH, is a Berlin-based game development studio. Mad About Pandas is known for its unique gameplay, high conceptual and artistic value, and commitment to producing innovative and engaging gaming experiences.

Banuba is a computer vision lab specializing in Face AR technology. The company develops augmented reality SDKs that bring immersive face filters, 3D masks, facial animation, and AR beauty features to any app or website. Banuba's advanced AR solutions enhance user engagement and provide features that elevate the interactive experience across various digital platforms.

Banuba - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Whimsy Games is a dynamic team of developers and designers dedicated to bringing creative ideas to life. Whether it's designing and developing a captivating game, integrating AI features, or building an AI-enabled game from scratch, Whimsy Games has the expertise to deliver. The team is passionate about AI and tokenomics and is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with new or existing projects, ensuring the creation of heart-winning games.

CLO Virtual Fashion offers advanced 3D garment simulation technology for the fashion, film, and gaming industries. Their software provides designers with the tools to create lifelike virtual garment visualizations, revolutionizing the design process with simulation technology. CLO's headquarters are located in South Korea.

MapsPeople delivers a cloud-based SaaS platform for indoor navigation, simplifying navigation within large and complex buildings. Their customizable, interactive indoor maps are designed to integrate into various products and services, enhancing user experience through efficient search and wayfinding. The company is headquartered in Denmark.

Soul Machines specializes in creating emotionally responsive and intelligent avatars, transforming human-machine interactions. Established in 2016, the company's avatar animation platform uses advanced AI to help brands craft human-like digital experiences. Their Human OS™ platform merges human and machine capabilities to create Digital People™, enhancing user engagement by humanizing artificial intelligence.

Soul Machines - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups


Surrogate.TV is a platform that enables remote physical interactions through advanced gaming surrogacy technology. Users can build, play, and connect with multifunctional robots from anywhere in the world, offering unique experiences that merge reality and gaming. The company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

GITAI is a pioneering space robotics company, developing remote-controlled robots to replace astronauts in commercial space stations. Their robots are operated via VR headsets, motion capture suits, and haptic gloves, providing safe and affordable labor in space. GITAI's latest advancements include a land rover robot that demonstrates significant progress in VR-controlled robotics.

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is a virtual reality platform where users can purchase virtual land as NFTs using the MANA cryptocurrency. The browser-based 3D virtual world allows designers to create and sell virtual clothes and accessories. Decentraland encourages a global network of users to manage and operate a shared virtual world.

CEEK is a VR app that connects users with bands and performers in a virtual reality environment. Their platform allows content creators to monetize their work through virtual events, reaching audiences worldwide. Users can watch virtual concerts, live classes, and exclusive events from top artists, enhancing their experience with immersive social VR and AR technology.

CEEK - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

Prisms Of Reality is on a mission to revolutionize STEM education by emphasizing the importance of spatial reasoning and the ability to think abstractly. By using immersive 3D experiences, Prisms Of Reality enables students to visualize and interact with graphs, tables, and equations, making abstract math more tangible and understandable.

ManageXR provides a robust platform for managing VR and AR devices, enabling users to distribute content, customize experiences, and troubleshoot devices from a single centralized hub. The platform offers comprehensive tracking capabilities, including device status, Wi-Fi connections, location, and installed content.

Red 6 is pioneering AR technology designed for use in outdoor and dynamic environments, with a particular focus on air combat training and entertainment. The company's technology provides pilots with realistic, scalable simulated training that replicates the physical experience of flying.

Leucine offers a groundbreaking platform that allows users to create digital twins of pharmaceutical manufacturing shop floors. This technology provides real-time performance monitoring, compliance management, and actionable insights to enhance efficiency and regulatory adherence.

Medivis is transforming surgical care with its hands-free AR solutions, attracting high-profile investors like Disney's Bob Iger and NBA star Kevin Durant. The company's SurgicalAR platform integrates AR and computer vision to improve surgical procedures by allowing surgeons to holographically render MRI and CT images. This technology connects with doctors' picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), providing enhanced visualization and precision in the operating room.

Medivis - one of the top virtual reality and augmented reality companies and startups

QReal, a subsidiary of the Glimpse Group, specializes in developing AR solutions for various industries, including food and fashion. Utilizing scanning technologies, QReal creates detailed 3D models of food items for virtual menu cards, providing customers with a clear view of their orders before they make a decision. This approach aims to enhance the dining experience and reduce food waste by helping customers make informed choices.


These top 100 companies and startups represent the forefront of innovation in VR and AR technologies. Each brings a unique approach to developing immersive experiences that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. As VR and AR continue to evolve, these companies, along with many others, will play a crucial role in shaping the future of how we interact with technology, driving both consumer and enterprise applications forward.

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