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July 21, 2023

US startup Verse secures $5.75M to fuel clean energy transition with AI

Empowering organizations with clean power, it secures $5.75M seed funding, led by Coatue

With the recent $5.75 million seed funding round led by Coatue, Verse is poised to revolutionize how organizations procure, manage, and report on carbon-free energy assets. The round also attracted participation from Twine Ventures, MCJ Collective, Firstminute Capital, Collaborative Fund, Future Positive, and

This significant investment will empower Verse to accelerate the adoption of clean power, enabling organizations to access, control, and optimize carbon-free energy assets with remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Recognizing the need for reliable and comprehensive tools in this space, Verse aims to overcome the limitations of spreadsheet-based solutions, enabling data-driven decision-making in carbon reduction efforts.

In addition to securing funding, Verse has established a strategic partnership with Climeworks, a leading provider of high-quality carbon removal services utilizing direct air capture (DAC) technology. This collaboration equips Verse with the expertise and resources to design and procure cutting-edge, future-proofed portfolios of clean energy assets. Such portfolios will power Climeworks' CO2 removal operations, fostering sustainable practices on a large scale.

Douglas Chan, COO of Climeworks, emphasized the significance of widespread access to clean power for achieving gigaton-scale carbon removal. As a pioneer in DAC technology, Climeworks looks forward to collaborating with Verse, facilitating a more streamlined and accessible approach to procuring and managing clean power.

Verse's successful seed funding round and strategic partnership with Climeworks position the company at the forefront of the clean power revolution. Verse empowers businesses to make significant strides in carbon reduction and sustainability by revolutionizing how organizations procure and manage carbon-free energy assets. With their innovative approach and notable support, Verse is poised to drive widespread adoption of clean power, accelerating the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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